Sarah Bahr is a Minneapolis based theater designer, artist, and educator. Collaborative story telling and visual research drives her creative process, which she adapts to the individual needs of her projects.

As a young child, Sarah learned how to use her imagination and creativity while while growing up in rural Minnesota. With corn fields, cow pastures, woods, and a lake as their playground; she and her sister invented elaborate ways to play and tell stories. She also gained hands on skills from her parents and grandparents; which ranged from sewing, painting, woodworking, textile crafts, carving, and welding.

Throughout her career Sarah uses these base skills to hone her passion for design, working three dimensionally, and collaborating with others. She has worked in costume shops such as the Santa Fe Opera, Aspen Opera, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Parsons Meares Inc. NYC, Tisch Graduate Costume Shop, Children's Theatre Company, and the Guthrie Theater.  She has exhibited her art work in Venice, Italy, New York City, and the Twin Cities. Her designs have graced the stages of the Minnesota Opera, Jungle Theater, Guthrie Theater, Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Vail, CO, Open Eye Figure Theatre, Penumbra Theater, and Yellow Tree Theatre. Her design work includes new works, classical theater, musicals, opera, and dance. 

Currently Sarah works at Augsburg University where she teaches, manages the Costume Shop, and designs for the Theater Department. She holds a Design and Technical Theatre M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, a Studio Art M.A. from New York University, and a Design and Technical Theatre B.F.A. from University of Minnesota Duluth.